Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Earlier Efron Genealogies

Long before I began my 20-year hobby of building family trees of Efron families there already existed written records of the family history. Here follows an acknowledgement and summary of those genealogies, and the people who wrote them. I may have left off a few, and to those folks I say sorry. But my main intent here is to show how much information was already compiled.

There were still lots and lots of family trees which I had to build myself, not the least of which was the entire Braverman and Heffron branches of Boston.

Here then, my tribute to those upon whose prior work I've built

Sam Effron. Born in Amdur as Shevach Effron, he came to Poughkeepsie, NY in 1899 by way of Argentina. His autobiography has been published on my FamilyTreeMaker website -- see the links near the bottom of the home page at . But he also wrote a genealogy of the family. In that genealogy, which is not yet available on the web, he mentions the brothers of Motte Tsinne's, but does not give further information about them. At the end of the genealogy, he recounts the story of Shael Efron, but does not indicate how Shael is related to Motte Tsinnes (Shael is a nephew of Motte).

I have relied to a great degree on Sam Effron's genealogy. I have verified in one way or another most of the information in the genealogy, although some of it is taken on face value -- specifically, the head of the family's name, the matriarch, Tsinne, and her sons' names.

My draft genealogy (unpublished) quotes from Sam's genealogy extensively. I have also managed, with the basic information supplied in this genealogy, to fill in many gaps and bring family trees down to current generations.

Yedidia Efron. He wrote the history of the town of Amdur, and included a substantial portion of it to his own family history. You can use the above link to access the book, including the project where portions of the book are now bing translated. In addition to a chapter where he specifically speaks about his family, there are many references throughout the book to his Efron relatives. In many cases it is the combination of information in this book with other sources that has allowed me to make connections. For example, Yedidia discusses Avraham Shlomo Tzines, who is the head of the Goldberg family genealogy done by Bill Lowenstein.

Julio Mazo. Julio lives in Israel, and used to live in Argentina. Julio has done extensive work to create family trees of the Efron families that came to Argentina. Many of those families are very large. Julio's wife, Martha, works at the Hall of Names at the Daniel Goldmann Museum in Tel Aviv, and the genealogy that Julio did has been submitted into their database.

Max Effron. He is from the Motte Matsul branch and did a family tree of his family which adde to Sam Effrons information and allowed some branches to be linked together.

Joanne Goldberg. Joanne did a very thorough genealogy of the Morris Efron family of St. Louis/Aiken, SC

Colin Silver. He authorized a genealogy of the Australian branch, who are the descendents of Chatskil Efron. Most of the descendents of that family settled in Australia.

Joy Adams from Chatanooga put together the family history of the family that settled in Chatanooga, TN and environs.

Bill Lowenstein was a young man from Pittsburgh, PA who because interested in family history at a young age and compiled the branch of the family descended from Eliezer, son of Motte Tsinne's.

Tina Efron. Tina compiled a genealogy of the branch of Yael Chaim of Slutsk.

Eli Efron and his son, Nathan Efron, of Cincinatti. They left detailed genealogical notes about his immediate family,

Frank Effron did a family tree for his branch, which is that of Leon Effron the Phildelphia dentist.

Sidney "Tiff" Simon created a very helpful family tree of the descendents of Mina Affron of Kingston.

Rose Brownstein put together a nice family history, showing the descendents of Asher Efron of Krynki.

Norman Levitz sent me the family tree of the Schneider family of Krynki (Krinik). The matriarch of the family was Bashe (Efron) Schneider, and it also shows her relationship to the Avrohm Simche Efron family. (this paragraph added 11/11/08).

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