Saturday, February 13, 2010

Publishing The Efron Genealogy -- The Game Plan

I am working hard to publish the research I've collected for the past 20 or so years. The Efron Genealogies will be published as a book, on DVD, and online. There will be Four parts:

Volume I -- The Efron Family of Amdur
Volume II -- Other Efron Families: Origins Other Than Amdur
Volume III -- Descendency Charts and Index
Efron Genealogies Appendix

I have just completed a review of all ship arrivals in Volume I, and in the process found about 40 additional ship manifest. I also reviewed Volume I to remove all confidential information about living individuals.

There are several more steps needed before Volume I will be ready for publication:
Moving reference information from the body of Volume I to the Appendix
Getting more family photos
Incorporating some interesting documents in Volume I, instead of just as part of the Appendix
Making the text more readable
Focus on interesting individuals

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Br'er Bear said...

Keep up the good work, Jim!