Monday, January 2, 2012

EfronFamilyHistory website updated

I've uploaded new files to the website. This is the first major upload of revised files since the beginning of 2011 -- a year ago. Most of the changes are to the Index and Charts document, where many additional family members have been added. I've also been re-writing several chapters over the past half year or so, based on a review of emails I've received.

I am continuing to review emails I've received on the topic of the Efron family history and additional changes will be made. I have already categorized the emails according to volume (Amdur families vs. non-Amdur families) and chapters within each volume. I've already reviewed emails for the first 16 chapters of the Amdur volume, so most changes are found in those chapters.

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Sam Effron said...

Happy new year and happy to see some new content here! Be well, Jim.