Saturday, July 7, 2012 Updated

I have just uploaded the latest revisions to . Major revision were made to Chapters 1-11 in Volume I (Efron Family from Amdur), as well as Chapter 11 in Volume II, Other Efrom Families.

Chapter 42 in Volume II, the family of Itzhak Meyer EPHRON of London has been moved and is now part of the family found in Chapter 10, in Vol. I. This is a result of DNA testing.

The changes in the first 11 chapters of Volume I are:
- Incorporated recently emailed information
- hyperlinked all endnotes to the appropriate appendix, and in many cases, also to the Source Document ("SD") for that information.
- Cleaned up some of the misspellings and grammar proplems.
- Explained complexities of evidence showing connectiveness of several families believed to be the descendants of Elihu Ephron, including the Schneider/Efron/Ephron/Berstein families, in chapters 8-11 of Volume I.

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